Judge fools all, banning Frozen from theme parks and agreeing with “Frozen is my life story” author

| April 1, 2015 | 21 Replies

In an unbelievable decision, one that completely fooled Disney’s lawyers, newly hired magistrate judge Fullstendig Lure (of Norwegian heritage) reversed the dismissal of the “Frozen is my life story” author’s lawsuit and, inconceivably, has recommended the court order Disney to cease all Frozen-related theme park construction and ban Anna, Elsa and Olaf from all Disney theme parks.


Magistrate judge Lure’s April 1 decision comes after the February 19, 2015, dismissal by the judge previously assigned to the case.  After the dismissal, “Frozen is my life story” author Amy Gonzalez filed her brief opposing Disney’s motion to dismiss (which, of course, the federal judge had already granted).  Magistrate Judge Lure was then assigned the job of ruling on her brief. As a magistrate judge, he makes recommended decisions which are subject to review by the federal judge overseeing the lawsuit.

Stunned Disney spokesperson Volledig Dwaas (who, coincidentally, comes from from Holland), left no doubt what he thought of the ruling, saying Disney was no stooge and that they would be hiring the renowned copyright lawyer, Thil Ulspegel, to get the decision overturned “faster than the longest wait to ride Maelstrom.”


Asked about the impact of the ruling, copyright expert Huhtikuu Typerys said that the ruling, if upheld, could also halt construction of the Frozen attraction in Norway that will be replacing Maelstrom.


But in reality, Typerys said, theme park guests are unlikely to see any interruption: “I expect this foolish decision to be overturned promptly.”

Mrs. Gonzalez seemed to be satisfied with the ruling.  While her exact statement wasn’t heard, she was clearly pleased that the ruling could rid Disney theme parks of all Frozen magic bands.

Frozen Magic Bands

Have a happy “Huhtikuu Typerys” (April Fool)!

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  • Thelma Augusto

    If only! lol Some of us wish it was true…

  • Joan Benoit

    so this is a joke ?????

  • richh19191

    Ban Frozen from disney parks, from the magistrate’s mouth to God’s ear.

  • lurulai

    “Huhtikuu Typerys” is actually finnish and means April (Huhtikuu) and Fool (Typerys). As a finn, this made me laugh! 😀 Thanks!

  • Mike Lawrence

    April Fools!!!!!!!!!

  • Pat

    April Fool’s!

  • http://ptsnob.com/ Dan Heaton

    Nice one!

  • Wishing&Hoping

    If only it were true…..

  • Andy Ritchie

    I agree with all those that want rid of Frozen in the theme parks. I think they should go one step further and get rid of all character references in the parks.

    • richh19191

      Now don’t be a cry baby Andy, No one wants Frozen eliminated from the parks. A number of us don’t believe a major popular attraction in EPCOT be taken down for Frozen. Really ridiculous, it should be at Hollywood studios……….it does NOT belong in EPCOT…….feel better now?

      • Andy Ritchie

        Wow constructive comments rich. You must be one of the trolls who know exactly what Walt thinks, Walt would have done etc etc. Frozen isn’t going anywhere. Time you got used to it and stopped being a cry, cry baby yourself. Now wipe your eyes and you will indeed feel better as well.

  • Jeanne

    such silliness…however, I do agree with others here…Frozen is WAAAAY too prevalent – banning it all together might be a touch too drastic, but getting it out of EPCOT would a great thing…in my humble opinion…

    • Ghost Man

      I agree with you. I am so sick of Frozen.

  • Otto Tieleman

    “Stunned Disney spokesperson Volledig Dwaas”
    Volledig dwaas is Dutch (not Norwegen) for complete idiot.

    • Jack Burgin

      You are right that it is Dutch, not Dane. I was just so happy to find a language where the phrase that didn’t resemble English.

      • Otto Tieleman

        You did great! And I’m sure to English ears my language sounds as much as a bad trought diseas as Danish. 😉

  • Scott F.

    I think they should get rid of Mickey Mouse too, and Dolan Duck. Basically anything that’s been really successful and popular, they should just get rid of that. The parks should mainly concentrate on the 5 least successful Disney movies and characters.

  • Dreamer Kevin

    I can’t resist. So all those complaining about the prevalence of Frozen in the parks should really just let it go, let it go…

  • Melissa Smith

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  • Melissa Smith

    Hi. I just got a $500 Disney gift card for just answering a few questions, you can too here!

  • http://www.rcth.nl Dominique Mol

    ‘Volledig Dwaas’ means ‘completely foolish’ it doesn’t sound anything like a real name in Dutch anymore then ‘completely foolish’ sounds like a name in English, “Thil Ulspegel” is the name of a classic folklore story about a character that likes to fool everybody.