Express Food Ordering Test At Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Walt Disney World is currently testing a new way of ordering your meals. For the next two weeks you have the ability to use the mobile app “Express Order” to place your order at Backlot Express and Fantasmic! in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You could be experiencing the future of food ordering in a Disney theme park.

But first, notice the beautiful view down Hollywood Boulevard! The Sorcerer Hat is gone and the construction walls are down.  The area isn’t quite finished yet, they still have landscaping to do but the view is amazing down the street from in front of The Great Movie Ride.

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The first thing you should do is download the app. Then make sure in your privacy settings for your phone that Bluetooth are turned on, and location services are turned on for the Express Order app.

Then you can launch the app while you are at the resort or in the park but the order won’t actually be placed until you are in the area of the restaurant.  There are several transponders that know when you are in the area of the restaurant.  You can’t place the order for example while you are getting off of Toy Story Mania. We had wondered how they would know when you were ready for lunch? So there may be a slight delay while the food is prepared but it does come to you hot.

You make your selections in the app and you can change it until you place the order when you are very close to Backlot Express or Fantasmic! When using this at Fantasmic!, you can order select merchandise, food and drinks during the pre-show.  This is only available for the first showing of the evening.  You can’t use the Disney Dining Plan, coupons or gift cards to pay.  You have the choice to use a credit card or Apple Pay.  You can save some time by already having this information in the app.

At Backlot Express, you have the option of picking up your food at the counter for dining there or you can select it be packaged to go. For the 2nd week of the test, May 5-12 you can choose to have the meal delivered to your table or in a to go bag.


When you have placed your order you will get this screen on your phone.  You will also receive an email receipt for your order.





Lunch starts at 11:30 AM at Backlot Express and we arrived when they started serving. You enter a queue and are directed to the podium to the left.




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It was very quick once we placed our order. There were several helpful cast members helping us navigate the final few screens when we approached the podium. Since we had placed our order earlier they had us totally close out of the app and then reopen and we saw our order number.  It was as simple as standing at the deli when your number is called.

I thought this test was great!  No standing behind someone while they decide what they want off the menu.  You could have the family sit at the table while you pick up the order. You can choose the to go option and take it with you while you go to the next ride. I can’t wait to try it next week when my meal and drink will be delivered to my table.  Have you tried this test?  What did you think?  Tell us in the comments below.  “Til next time, See you in the parks!

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  • Matt H

    This is the same company that runs in-app concessions purchases at Levi’s Stadium. Works very well there, so I have no doubt it’ll do well at WDW.

  • Chris

    They need to include dining plan methods to pay as well and it will be a huge hit.

  • Mike

    Great report Ms. Kathy! I hope they do this in all of the parks. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get everyone’s order together earlier in the day, ask the kids to meet you at the restaraunt at a specific time, you walk in, push a button on your phone to place the order and spend your time finding the best table rather than standing in lne.