The Little Man of Disneyland

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Recently, I visited the Disneyland Resort with my daughter Kelly and my nephews. While there, I decided to look for evidence of the Little Man of Disneyland. Wait… you haven’t heard of the Little Man of Disneyland? Let me tell you a little about him. (I also talk about him on our DIS Unplugged-Disneyland Edition podcast, dated 8/23/15.)

Once upon a time, a little over 60 years ago that is, there was a nice sized grove of orange trees in a place called Anaheim, California. This was an ideal spot for Walt Disney to build his dream park that he would name Disneyland. However, there were residents living in this same area, and Walt Disney made concessions for continued occupancy (like the palm tree planted in the 1800s, but that’s a different story).

Apparently, there was this little man named Patrick Begorra, who made his home among the trees, and when the Orange Grove disappeared he made a new home among the trees at Disneyland. You can read all about Patrick Begorra in the Disney Classic Little Golden Book, “Little Man of Disneyland,” (available at People through the years have looked for his house, and we have heard whisperings, but never found any evidence ourselves.


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During the D23 Expo, guests had an opportunity to learn about this intriguing character and could purchase the Little Golden Book. Coincidentally, his little abode appeared somewhere in Adventureland that very same weekend. So, to continue my story…

I recently visited Disneyland with Kelly and my nephews, Daniel & Thomas, and went on a little hunt to find Mr. P. Begorra’s home. We had success in Adventureland just before getting on the Indiana Jones Adventure. Just under the sign for Indiana Jones we saw a little home, with the letters “PB” on the welcome mat in front  of the entrance, with a little light overhead, a window to the side, and a stove pipe sticking out.

The Little Man of Disneyland in Adventureland.

The Little Man of Disneyland in Adventureland.

I recommend that for your next visit to Disneyland, whether or not you have young ones with you, read the story about the Little Man of Disneyland and look for his tiny home when you are having fun at the Magic Kingdom. You can buy the book at


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